Laser Treatment for Hair Removal on Face Price in Islamabad Cost

Among the most delicate parts of the human body is the skin on the face. No matter the individual you are, waxing and hair removal produce irritability and other undesirable side effects. If you are looking for some effective and lifelong treatment to get rid of unwanted hair growth on the face, you may want to look at the hair-removing treatment using lasers carried out in a clinical setting. In this blog, you will learn all about how much the treatment cost and its affecting factors as well.

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About Treatment:

Luckily, this method is complete, secure, and successfully gets rid of facial hair that does not irritate the recipient for the rest of their life. Even without unintentional scratches, wounds, or lumps, facial hair removal with lasers produces speedy, secure therapy, and results that last a long time. By shining a beam of high-intensity light on the roots of the hair, lasers weaken the hair. Hair’s pigment carries the laser’s heat to the root, irreversibly impairing its capacity to grow hair.


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Who Should Get the Treatment?

If you wish to significantly reduce hair growth on any part of your body or face, you might be a suitable candidate for laser treatment. Perfect candidates for hair removal with lasers have coarse, black hair, and lighter skin tones since the difference between these factors make it easier for the light beam to target pigment in the hair. The dermatologist or a skincare specialist first carries out a thorough examination of the patient’s skin and health condition to ensure they are eligible to undergo the treatment.

What Encourages Individuals to Go for Treatment?

After a series of treatments spread out over approximately two to six months, laser treatment can greatly decrease the growth of hair. Though other hair is anticipated to regrow in the targeted area, laser therapy has the potential to irreparably destroy hair cells, stopping future hair development from those follicular. The number of hair follicles that regrow can be decreased through repeated sessions. It may be feasible to altogether remove all hair from the therapy region in the end. Since the laser frequently damages hair follicles that it does not eliminate, most individuals discover that the growth that does regrow is less visible, thinner, and lighter. The eradication of mustaches with lasers is also popular.

What is the Appropriate Laser for the Individual?

Even within the laser-based treatment, there are multiple ways hair removal could be done. These include ruby, alexandrite, and diode. The use of these methods varies depending on the area that is to be treated, the tone of the skin, and the type of hair that is to be removed. The dermatologist first examines the individual’s skin thoroughly and then provides the appropriate treatment options to the individual. The type of laser technology to be used is then discussed and decided by the skin specialist and the recipient.

Cost of the Therapy:

The approximate Laser Treatment for Hair Removal on the Face Price in Islamabad & Pakistan is Rs. ____. This depends on various factors which it varies from person to person. These factors are all discussed below. The dermatologist determines the cost of the therapy after considering all these variables.

Factors Determining the Cost:

All these factors play an important role in determining the estimated cost of the therapy.

  • Technique used
  • Area to be treated
  • Number of sessions
  • Desired results
  • Doctor’s qualification
  • Equipment
  • Clinic location
  • Clinic level
  • Anesthesia

Insurance Coverage:

Since the treatment is not covered as a result of any health implications on the individual, it does not fall under the category of health insurance. Therefore, it is not generally covered by insurance providers. If you want to confirm the coverage of the treatment, you can talk to the insurance providers about the treatments covered.  

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The treatment is the best solution for any individual who wishes to have a peaceful life without having to undergo any painful hair-removing methods. You can learn more about the treatment on the website or by contacting our experts at the number provided on the website.