Best Lip Fillers Cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Price

Have you looked into the mirror and thought of having fuller and plumper lips? It is normal to have the wish to change the current shape of the lips. But if you are confused about how you can get beautiful and fuller lips without going under any surgical procedure then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss how you can enhance and beautify your lips with the help of lip fillers and about Lip Fillers Cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. At Glamorous Clinic, we have skin care experts who will help you achieve your aesthetic goals with the help of different types of fillers. Want to know more about the treatment and cost then keep reading the following blog.

What are Lip Fillers? Exactly:

Lip fillers are the type of dermal fillers in Islamabad that can be or cannot be permanent. It depends on the demand of the patient. There are different types of lip fillers such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, silicon and fat injections, and Restylane. The most commonly used filler is hyaluronic acid which plumps and hydrates the lips. Lips fillers add volume and add definition to the shape of the lips. The dermatologist will perform the treatment and will inject the type of filler depending on the desired outcomes and longevity of the results.


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Advantages of Lip Fillers:

Some of the top benefits of lip fillers are as follows:

  • It is a safe and effective procedure and very less chance of side effects
  • It will increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • The results of lip fillers are reversible if you do not like the results then the doctor will inject an enzyme that will dissolve the fillerΒ 
  • You will get symmetrical and balanced lips
  • Along with adding volume to the lips, it will also define the lip’s shape

How Much Lip Fillers Cost?

Investing in cosmetic procedures is like investing in your beauty. On average the Lip Fillers Cost in Islamabad is PKR 7,999 to PKR 14,999. The cost is different for every patient because it depends on several factors. The following are the variables that affect the cost greatly:

  • Type of Fillers:

As there are different types of fillers and each type of filler has a different cost. Before getting the lips filler the skin expert will tell you the types of filler and will ask about the desired results then he will suggest you the type of filler and the cost of the filler.

  • Amount of Filler and Syringes Used:

This factor affects the cost greatly. The doctor will use the amount of filler depending on the desired results. Some patients need only a small amount of filler and some need a large quantity of filler to see the desired results so the cost will vary accordingly. Usually, it takes two or three syringes to complete the treatment procedure but if the number of syringes increases the price will increase accordingly.

  • Expertise Level of the Doctor:

A highly skilled skin expert will cost more than an unskilled person. It is a must to choose a skilled and expert person who has experience performing cosmetic procedures for many years. It will minimise the chance of side effects.

  • Number of Sessions:

As every patient requires a different number of sessions to see the results. Every session has a different price and this affects the treatment cost. The doctor will ask about your desired goals and will suggest you the number of sessions and after that, he will determine the exact cost of the treatment.

  • Geographical Location of the Clinic:

If you are living in a place where there is no clinic for getting lip fillers. Then you will also have to pay travel expenses to the location where the clinic is located for the lip fillers. So this amount also affects the cost of lip fillers.

Factors Which Affect the Longevity of the Results:

The results’ duration depends on the age, type of filler used, and how our body responds to the filler. The results of lip fillers usually last for 11 to 14 months and after that, they will dissolve naturally. If you have a fast metabolism then the results will fade away as compared to the person who has a slow metabolism.

Lip Filler Appointment:

Do you want fuller lips in a minimally invasive way then what are you waiting for? Book a Lip filler appointment now by filling out the online consultation form. It will only take 20 to 30 minutes to transform the shape of your lips with a painless treatment technique. We have doctors who are experts in performing the lip fillers procedure and will provide you with the best results in a very short time. Complications can occur with lip fillers so make sure you choose highly skilled plastic surgeons.

Want to know more about the Lip Fillers Cost in Islamabad then feel free to contact us. Our team will guide you in the right way.