Skin Whitening Treatment Cost in Islamabad Pakistan Whiten Price

Age-related skin changes, which are most frequently seen as hyperpigmentation, are a problem that almost all women must deal with. Dark spots, moles, freckles, and other flaws make the skin look worse and frequently cause complexes. Today, there is a practical and cutting-edge solution to all these issues. Get to know about Skin Whitening Cost in Islamabad Pakistan and resolve your issue at once.

Laser Whitening-How does it Work?

Short concentrated light beams of a specific length enter the epidermis in a targeted manner and affect melanin-producing cell overproduction. The outer layer of the skin in the problematic area of the skin is heated and exfoliated almost painlessly under the influence of a laser. You can alter the skin tone in each issue region with the greatest degree of accuracy because the level of exposure is controlled throughout the procedure. Additionally, laser whitening increases the synthesis of natural collagen, which causes the healed treated regions to take on a healthy shade and transform into smooth, invisible areas.

Who is a Suitable Candidate?

Laser skin whitening is a cosmetic technique primarily intended to enhance the physical attractiveness of the body. There are no age restrictions; patients as young as 18 can get the operation.

Long after the series of procedures, the effect of the laser on skin cells will keep it looking as young and healthy as it did up to 10-15 years ago.


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Average Cost:

Calculated at PKR 2,000 or $500 for laser skin lightening, this is the best Skin Whitening Cost in Islamabad. This price is an estimate for targeted skin whitening; full-body whitening will cost you more. Furthermore, the beginning cost for injections of glutathione is PKR 300. If you want to discuss the optimal price for your situation with one of our dermatologists, kindly let them know.

The choice of treatment, however, is based on how well your skin reacts to various treatments.

Factors Defining Cost:


When considering the pricing, the clinic’s location is crucial. In general, American cosmetic surgery costs are slightly higher than those in Pakistan.

Expertise of Specialist:

The skincare expert’s training and experience are crucial. Highly skilled medical professionals charge more but produce excellent results.

Type of Service:

The cost depends on the kind of treatment facility. The cost of healthcare services increases with quality.

Skin Type:

Skin types vary from person to person. Normal, oily, dry combo and sensitive skin types are the top five. This determines how much anything costs.


  • The procedure is comfortable and safe with no negative effects. The device does not cause pain because of its design elements.
  • There is no recuperation period; occasionally, redness or minor swelling is seen, but they go away after a day or two.
  • All skin types and afflicted areas are suitable
  • It is performed separately as well as in conjunction with other techniques such as contouring, mesotherapy, and others to create complicated effects.
  • Long-term results include tightening and whitening due to the activation of collagen and elastin formation and elimination of melanin-producing cells.

Is Skin Whitening Permanent Treatment?

Skin lightening results should continue for several months to several years. It is possible to maintain a lighter skin tone for the duration of one’s life by adhering to the dermatologist’s recommendations for the number of sessions and aftercare instructions.

Why Choose Us?

Take care of this skin issue now, before it gets harder to get rid of. Make an appointment with one of our skincare specialists today to receive the best skin-lightening treatments, including laser, glutathione, and peeling!

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