Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad & Pakistan Price & Cost

The presence of hair on various body areas is normal. Individuals can, for example, have unusually dense, black hair on their entire body in addition to their heads, brows, and eyelashes. The practice of Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is becoming increasingly widespread and well-liked today. This is because shaving or Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad during the shower takes only half as long now. It turns into stress that a person is no longer concerned about.

About Treatment:

Before receiving laser therapy, there are a few factors that an individual should be aware of. These are thoroughly explained during the initial consultation with the skin care specialist. How the patient’s body responds to the laser is significantly influenced by the person’s hormonal state. Additionally, it is essential that the candidate shave before the treatment and refrain from waxing, plucking, or using any kind of hair removal product. This is because a clean area with hair cells is necessary for the beam to work. Before receiving therapy and selecting a facility, a thorough investigation should be done. Every portion of the body can now receive the operation.

Results of Full Body Hair Removal:

The amount of hair a person has, what kind of hair it is, their hormonal, and how regularly they attend sessions all have a role in whether or not they will achieve permanent hair elimination. Although some individuals only require four appointments, others may require more than five. Attending their sessions on time every time is essential for hairlessness.

After undergoing a complete course of  Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad & Pakistan the majority of people lose up to 90 percent of the total of their hair. With roughly six weeks separating each appointment, the typical course has six to eight sessions. After having completed the course, it may occasionally be necessary to schedule top-up sessions to sustain outcomes. The person enjoys long-lasting hair elimination in the desired area, which leaves the skin clean and free of ingrown hairs, itching, and stubble rash.

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What is the Essence of the Treatment?

Lasting hair removal from many body regions is possible with the Full Body Laser Hair Removal Islamabad procedure. A qualified practitioner places the infrared transmitting equipment over the areas that will be hair-free. Most of the time, laser hair reduction treatments can be carried out without the use of anesthesia or injections. Light penetrates the hair growth beneath the skin and causes heat, which damages the hair strands.

How is the Treatment Carried Out?

The laser treatment makes use of a technology that directs strong radiation onto the area that must be addressed. In other words, the area that will be addressed is the one where the hair will be removed. The epidermis must initially be shaven to gain access to the epidermal cells during the procedure. The laser pulse is aimed at the hair follicle. The hair strands are heated by a strong laser beam. As a consequence, the roots become damaged and eventually disappear after numerous therapies. The hair is removed permanently since the damaged follicles can no more produce new growth.  

Possible Side Effects:

There is a certain risk of adverse impacts when performed by a skincare professional who lacks experience and if the person does not adhere to the post-procedure instructions. These consist of the potential for burning, discoloration, and variations in skin tone. Additionally, the person may suffer skin irritation, redness, and discomfort.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

The therapy is administered by the Glamorous Laser Clinic’s board-certified skin care professionals. They first thoroughly examine the skin to gauge the laser’s strength and create the best plan of action for each person’s skin. The dermatologist additionally considers the comments of their consumers and patients regarding their services. High-quality care is provided to our patients, as evidenced by the higher favorable feedback. Call us at the number shown on the website to learn more about the clinic’s operating times and how they fit into your hectic schedule.


We are the right choice if you want the best experience and the results of Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan. Learn more about the therapy on our website.

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