Eyebrow Tattoo Removal in Islamabad Pakistan Eyebrow Tattoo Cost

People get eyebrow tattoos at different times. Sometimes this is because of a memory or sometimes just for fun or a choice. But after getting these tattoos people sometimes regret these. To remove these Eyebrow Tattoo Removal in Islamabad & Pakistan is the safest and most effective treatment that gives results that are perfect. In the treatment, laser beams are applied to the tattoo ink & cause the removal of that tattoo. There is little risk of pain involved in the Tattoo treatment because of the heat involved. There are many sessions involved in the procedure. You can also get yours by visiting our clinic! Read the blog given below and know more about the procedure. 

What is Eyebrow Tattoo Removal?

To remove the tattoos present on the eyebrows you have a laser tattoo removal treatment as an option. This treatment causes the elimination of tattoos by laser beams. When the laser is applied to the brows it removes the ink particles from the skin. Although there are other methods available for the removal of tattoos from the eyebrows such as microblading, microshading, and saline removal but the laser treatment is the best one. Most people go for this procedure because it does not cause any pain.


The outcomes of the treatment comes visible after 4 to 5 sessions. The skin of the eyebrow becomes clean and smooth. After the treatment, the swelling will go away within 24 hours. The final effects of the procedure depend on the expertise of the doctor. 

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

To be an ideal candidate for the treatment you should have the following characteristics:

  • If you want to remove your tattoo from the eyebrow
  • Want to forget your memories 
  • Having irritation on the skin
  • Do not want to have tattoos on your face
  • Desire to enhance the eyebrow design
  • Have a realistic approach to the treatment
  • Not in the favor of a surgical treatment


To get the Eyebrow Tattoo Removal in Islamabad & Rawalpindi people to need to follow some precautions so that the results of the procedure are best. The followups that a patient needs are written below:

  • Avoid sun exposure before the treatment
  • Restrict smoking and alcohol consumption for some days
  • Stop waxing, and flossing prior to the procedure 
  • Use sunscreen SPF 30 to keep your skin safe
  • Shave your area where the laser needs to be done
  • Remove all the makeup and creams

How Does it Work?

The procedure includes the use of a Laser Tattoo Beam. First of all, the doctor will do a cleansing on the eyebrow area to remove all the dirt particles and waste from the skin. Then a gel will be applied to the area after which the doctor will direct laser on the brows. The laser pulses will withdraw the ink from the skin. The skin appears clear and clean after the process. The procedure will take around two to five sessions to get completely treated. The overall process time is around twenty minutes. The skills of the doctor contribute a lot to the final results of the treatment.

Cost of Eyebrow Tattoo Islamabad:

The Cost of Eyebrow Tattoo Removal in Islamabad Pakistan ranges from PKR 6,444 to PKR 8,999. This fluctuates with different factors like the level of the clinic, the education of the doctor, the experience of the clinic, the demand of the doctor, and the condition of the patient. 

The final price for the treatment will be told by the patient on the first meetup.

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