Permanent Hair Wigs for Men Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Cost

Hair loss can be highly traumatic for all genders, but it is very commonly found in men, pushing many individuals to feel self-conscious concerning their appearance. There are multiple causes, individuals’ being unable to maintain their hair, hormonal irregularity, and hereditary root causes of the hair decade. As male baldness or losing hair may be a sensitive subject to discuss, there are therapeutic options to explore. While there are numerous drugs or medications on the marketplace, as well as the possibility of a transplant as a remedy for problems, problems arise when everyone is not eligible for surgical treatment as well as medication, so don’t worry about the procedure, you can get a permanent solution without any complications. Permanent Hair Wigs for Men Islamabad Pakistan are usually an excellent solution for such a quick alteration; they are now so popular that not only girls but also males embrace them. It is a hair loss treatment that can be used to restore bald areas caused by age, hormone imbalances, androgenic alopecia (male premature baldness), dietary deficiencies, or medical issues.

The Purpose of Permanent Hair Wigs.

Wigs are hair pieces made of either artificial or actual human hair. Artificial wigs cannot be dressed but will retain their shape, but human hair wigs can be styled with a converter or blow dryer in the same way that your actual hair can be. Men wear wigs for a variety of reasons. They are especially appropriate for those undergoing medical procedures such as chemotherapy. It saves you from embarrassment and shame because it looks very natural and genuine. You don’t need to wait for a hair treatment to take effect; wigs can instantly improve your appearance. They are available in a variety of colours and styles. You can alter your hairdo whenever you want without committing to a single appearance.

Kind of Hair Wigs:

Permanent hair wigs for men in Islamabad are not only made of one material; they are formed of artificial threads or natural hair. It is broadly categorised into the following groups, especially based on the substance utilised to simulate them:

  1. Wigs made of human hair

These types of wigs are made from real human hair strands. it shows a natural, gleaming appearance and is simple to care for. You may easily hang your hair every day. These wigs are popular among both men and women. While such wigs provide a relaxed look, they require a lot of maintenance and concentration.  It is expensive, and matching the exact hue of your actual hair to one of these wigs is challenging. 

     2. Synthetic Hair Wigs:

They are made up of distinct, reproducible artificial strands that resemble the feel and appearance of natural human hair. It is pre-styled and available in a number of colour choices. As a result, they can be employed right away without ruining your hairstyle. Furthermore, these synthetic imitation wigs are easy to find and can fit in with the colour of your hair. These wigs prices are less than genuine hair wigs. However, styling them in your preferred style can be challenging; you may need to use a warm synthetic wig for this.

Implantation of a Permanent Hair Wig:

The weft and processes of hair wigs for men and women in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are multiple and are given below:

Single Warp:

One strand of hair is sewn together to create a natural look and ease of use. Rather than glue, threading is employed to achieve the desired goal.

Weft by using a device

A mechanical weft is created by sewing along hair threads with a hair sewing machine.


It is a hand-stitched process, and it is expensive and time-consuming for the desired outcomes.


A single weft is sewn behind another single weft, resulting in a smaller stitch.

Two Single Wefts:

They are stitched together, producing more strands of hair stitched in a single set. However, because of the bigger stitching, the weft lines appear more superficial and lack a unique appearance.

Dual Weft:

Regardless of the technique, you’ll have to spend more for a whole crown of hair.

Benefits of Permanent Wigs:

It is a permanent and reliable solution for hair loss patients. It shows numerous advantages, which are given below:

  • It is a non-invasive technique but shows highly effective outcomes.
  • It is a very reasonable process as compared to surgery.
  • It saves you time.
  • Now healing time is required after the treatment.
  • You can alter your look.

Tips for Aftercare:

There are very important tips to protect your wig’s appearance and maintain your look.

  • Cleaning hair wigs on a regular basis keeps them from looking greasy.
  • Remove knots by washing them and straightening them out.
  • If the hair is curled, wig clips are used to remove the knots.
  • If the hair is naturally straight, a hairbrush is used to remove the knots.
  • Hair wigs are washed and rinsed in warm water.
  • Never brush your hair when it’s wet.

Cost of Permanent Hair Wigs:

The cost of permanent hair wigs for men is not fixed and constant. At Glamorous in Islamabad, it is very reasonable compared to other competitors. They used elegant prosthesis elements and were managed by a team of licenced specialists. But the cost is dependent on different factors; the reputation of the clinic, the expertise of the doctor, and the requirements of the patients can alter the cost.

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